Meet and Greet: Audrey Kerr

May 1, 2015
Audrey Kerr, age 24


Cheers to the first day of May! We’re thrilled to present our q&a with Park Cities Events’ Audrey Kerr today- who was born and raised in Dallas. We loved learning a little bit more about Audrey and her personal style. We hope you do as well!


PCE: How you connected with Park Cities Events?


AK: Judy and Mary Lou have been close family friends for years. When I moved back to Dallas after college, they asked me to help with a wedding and I was hooked!


PCE: Why do you most enjoy your time with Park Cities Events?


AK: I have always been a lover of weddings and it is so great getting to experience the planning and executing of these beautiful events. I love everything Mary Lou and Judy do and am learning so many things. It is also so fun to be apart of these couples’ special days. I love being around all the joy and excitement!


PCE:  How would you describe your own personal event style?


AK: Timeless and simple. The event should highlight the people it is celebrating, not be the center of attention. One thing I’m very sure on… there’s got to be a great band!


PCE: Favorite colors? Flowers?


AK: Colors (for weddings) – blues and greens
Flowers – hydrangeas and peonies


PCE: Favorite place to travel?


AK: The beach – there is just nothing better than the sun and a good book/magazine.


PCE:  Favorite quote or motto?


AK: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13




PCE:  Where do you find your own inspiration?


AK: Pinterest, events I attend, magazines… I love ripping out pages in magazines and saving them as ideas for future events. My mom and I have been adding to my “wedding” folder since I was a little girl.


PCE: What are your favorite books, blogs, magazines – what are you reading?


AK: My favorite book of all time would still have to be To Kill A Mockingbird. I am currently reading Love Does by Bob Goff and can tell it is going to be a favorite as well. I consider Pinterest my “blog” of choice.
PCE: Where are your favorite spots to go to in Dallas?


AK: Katy Trail Ice House, The Rustic, taking walks on the Katy Trail… Favorite Restaurant: Little Katana


PCE:  Where might you see yourself in ten years?


AK: Hopefully married with a few kids :) and a dog of course!
Thank you, Audrey!



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