Meet and Greet: Claire Maclay

March 19, 2015


We loved catching up with Claire and learning about some of her personal style, love for events, and favorite spots in Dallas!


Claire Maclay, age 23 – Dallas, TX


How long have you been working for Park Cities Events? 


I started working for Park Cities Events in the fall of 2014.


What led to you getting involved with working at a wedding and events company? 


Like most people, I love weddings. I wanted to learn more about all that goes into producing a fabulous party, and who better than to learn from Judy and Mary Lou!


claire maclay


Have you had a memorable experience at Park Cities Events so far? What’s the most memorable and why? 


I have worked one wedding thus far, but have attended several PCE weddings. Each one has been dreamy. I cannot say that I have a favorite wedding or moment. However, I am impressed every time by how beautifully and seamlessly the night goes, which is an incredible feat as producing a wedding is like trying to spin twenty plates in the air at once.


What are your favorite flowers?


My favorite flowers are peonies, hydrangeas, and tulips.


claire maclay3




Personally, I wear mostly neutral colors. But for weddings, I love crisp blues or pale pinks.


How would you describe your own personal style?  What’s your “event” style?


My personal style is feminine and classic.  For every day, I love a good pair of skinny jeans and a neutral blouse paired with a structured jacket and knee high boots or ballet flats. For an event, I like to wear a tailored dress with statement jewelry and pumps.


claire maclay2


Where do you find your inspiration? Magazines? Blogs? Books? People?


I find my style inspiration from people. The way in which people carry themselves and the way they dress tells you so much about them.


Who are your own personal style icons or inspiration?


My style icons are a bit cliché. I love Audrey Hepburn’s class, Kate Middleton’s femininity, and Olivia Palermo’s ability to mix and match patterns and textures and look put together and fabulous.


claire maclay 5


What are some of your favorite spots in Dallas? 


I love the Nasher and the DMA, really anywhere in the Arts District, as well as the arboretum and Arlington Hall.


Favorite restaurants?


They change constantly. But today, they are Bolsa, Le Bilbouquet, Little Katana, and Cafe R&D.


What components do you think make an event truly special?


The best part of a wedding is getting to enjoy the people who are there, and for that to happen, all of the behind the scenes work needs to go smoothly and quietly.


Where might you see yourself in 10 years?


Ideally, I’d like to be married and living in Dallas!




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