Top 5 Reasons You Need A Wedding Planner

October 13, 2015

1) You don’t want planning your wedding to be too time consuming

Planning a wedding is a big production especially if you are inexperienced. Some people will say that planning a wedding can take up to 20 hours per week. With a full time job, school or other commitments, taking on that time commitment is impossible for most people. Since a wedding planner is more experienced they can accomplish these tasks in a much shorter time.





2) You need someone there the day of the wedding so you, your friends and family can relax and enjoy your big day

Most brides have no idea how much goes into coordination on the day of the wedding. A wedding planner will make sure everything and everyone is in the right place at the right time to guarantee that the event runs smoothly. Many weddings have the ceremony and reception in different places, so you need someone to go and oversee the set up for the reception during the ceremony to make sure everything is perfect by the time you and your guests arrive. The truth about weddings is that something is bound to go wrong. A wedding planner has experienced all kinds of bumps in the road and will be able to quickly and efficiently manage the situation. Hopefully it’s nothing major but regardless, you should be enjoying your wedding and not worry about small mishaps.





3) To help make your vision a reality

A wedding planner can help hone in all of your ideas into a focused and cohesive event. They can also bring in a fresh perspective and give you ideas you would have never thought of. They are constantly researching and staying up to date with different vendor products that are available.





4) They help you stick to your budget

Wedding planners will help you stick to your financial plan and make sure you don’t go over budget. They know roughly how much of your budget should go to each part of your wedding and can analyze whether or not something is unnecessary spending and should be reduced or eliminated entirely. They also have relationships with vendors and discounts with those vendors that they can pass on to you.

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5) Vendor Relationships

It is important on your big day to hire vendors that you can trust. Couples who plan their weddings themselves often rely on recommendations from friends or online searches. While these are valuable tools, you can’t always trust online recommendations or know if they are right for your event/budget. Most wedding planners have lists of vendors that they trust and know will do a great job.






























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